Thursday, August 24, 2017

2017 Vendor Sponsors: Absolems Garden and Drigie Jewelry

Absolems Garden 

"We sell costume jewelry and accessories. Both handmade and resale. Necklaces, chokers, rings, scarves, bracelets, anklets. We have everything time traveling Victorians need to stay fashionable. "

Drigie Jewelry 
Drigie Industrial Jewelry is perfectly unique- steam punk (or Ragtime) necklaces and earrings (bracelets coming soon), which are affordable for every one. I enjoy combining different colored metals with whimsical charms and pendants, when each piece comes together it is very satisfying, almost like solving a puzzle.

We appreciate every vendor that chooses to pitch in with a little something extra as a sponsor! Be certain to drop by their booths and give them a visit this Saturday!

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