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People are talking about the Steampunk Farmers Market....

Music great! Outfits very cool. My favorite character in the two years.....bearded lady. (Seriously, I loved her. Wish I had the guts to tell her that when I saw her.). Coolest vendor.....framed insects. Such a relaxed and yet energetic day.  - Marie

As vendors, we didn't drown the first year, even though we were thoroughly drenched by the time we broke down and loaded everything. The second year was fabulous weather, fabulous customers, and an absolutely wonderful event. We can't wait for this year and hope to see you all there!
- Robert J Becraft, Gadgetometers

The Steampunk Farmers Market is a fun event for all ages! There is so much to see and do. From fantastic music, unique vendors, kids crafts, costume contests and amazing performers there is something everyone in your family will enjoy. We can't wait to enjoy the 2017 Steampunk Farmers Market with our family and friends
. -Sara Frane, Macaroni Kid South York PA

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