Thursday, September 1, 2016

Guest Survey and Another Round of Thanks

With everything pretty much wrapped up for the year outside of a bit of backend housekeeping, we have a last round of thanks to extend.

First of all, thank you again to everyone who came out for the event. Without guests to arrive and enjoy the day, the event would not be what it is.

Also a huge thank you to all of our vendors for deciding our event was worth their time to vend at, and extra thanks to everyone who opted into the completely optional Sponsorship options. Your aid and generosity paid for a huge chunk of our event this year. You are directly responsible for the fact we could afford the entertainment we had! So everyone thank our vendor sponsors for their help!

Speaking of sponsors and donors, also thank you to The Comics Closet and Bath Fitter for being our business sponsors this year. They may not have been steampunk vendors but they still helped pay for the event! We will not forget the people who donated to our GoFundMe!  Every bit helps, so thank you to those people as well.

Also, thank you to all of our entertainers for this year. The Positronic Cats and Eli August and The Abandoned Buildings put on great performances for us. A huge thanks to them for their great music, and being flexible with a few last minute schedule shuffles, for judging our costume contest, and assisting in making a couple of announcements.

A thank you to Erick Hershey and his strolling magic for bringing so much fun to the event! Erick has gone above and beyond both of these past two years to entertain and awe our guests. We truly appreciate his enthusiasm to be a part of our show.

Then thank you to Lady Younglove and the Witch Doctor for bringing their Sideshow Extravaganza and their Seance show to the Market! We hope everyone else enjoyed them as much as we did.

Thank you everyone for your participation, support, kind words, and interest in our event. It is everything and everyone combined that makes the Market what it is.

If you enjoyed our market, please fill out our post event survey,  as every bit of feedback helps us plan and adjust for future years.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Special Thanks and SPFM2016 Media Coverage

Well, The Steampunk Farmers Market 2016 has come and gone. We were bigger, better, and more fantastic (and significantly dryer) than last year! We estimate no less than 700 people having rolled through during the day, with possibly as many as 400 on grounds at one time! We are beyond thrilled with the turnout and how smoothly everything went.

We have some special thanks we would like to extend out to a few key groups that make our event possible, and as successful as it was.

Thank you to the New Freedom Recreation Council and the New Freedom Farmers Market for backing our event and providing us the foundation upon which the Steampunk Market is possible. Without the support of the Market and Council we would not have our event. If you are local, feel free to drop by our regular Saturday Farmers Market, 10 to 1. Not every weekend can be a Steampunk weekend, but the Farmers Market continues even without such special events. I know the regular vendors would appreciate seeing return faces!

We would also like to thank Steam Into History for working with us and hosting the Steampunk Radio Flyers Train Ride for the second year. I am sure everyone who has gotten the chance to enjoy the train thanks them as well for participating!

Then there is The Rail Trail Cafe, which has been invaluable in their support of our Market. They host our Friday Night Early Bird Social, and they function as more or less our planning head quarters. So huge thanks to them for putting up with us and for everything they do!

Our event was also graced by the presence of at least two newspapers this past weekend. Thank you to everyone who gave them the time to either speak to them, or to allow them to take photographs. Media representation is an important part of helping to promote awareness of our event as it helps to reach more people which will hopefully result in a larger show next year!

Check out the photographs taken by the York Dispatch

Also, take a gander at the lovely video that Shane Dunlap of the Evening Sun put together for us. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Last Minute Schedule Adjustments

There has been a couple last minute tweaks to the schedule!

The Costume Contest has now been moved to 1:30PM so that it is not cutting so close to the train ride or conflicting with the end of the Seance show.

The Trinket Trade has been moved INSIDE the community center where our traders can trade in the comfort of glooorious air conditioning!

Rail Trail Cafe Meet-n-Greet Social Tonight!

Just a reminder to all of our guests that we are kicking off The Steampunk Farmers Market tonight at the Rail Trail Cafe in New Freedom PA, 6-8PM!  Join us at 117 N Front Street, New Freedom, PA for socializing and good company.

Hope to see you there!

Feel free to express your interest in attending, and share the event via the Facebook event page!
Also visit the Rail Trail Cafe's page and give them a "like"!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

T-shirt Update

We are disappointed to say that our 40 shirts that we ordered will not make it in time to be sold at the event. Ooshirts dropped the ball, missed multiple guaranteed arrival dates, and straight up lied to us that the shirts would ship today and arrive by tomorrow when they were originally due by the 17th. As of tonight they have not shipped and they did not answer any customer service calls, emails, or messages placed this afternoon.

Pre-ordered shirts will be shipped out when they arrive and we will put the rest up for sale through the blog and Facebook page once we have them on hand.

Business Sponsor: The Comics Closet

Another business, The Comics Closet, has stepped forward and become a sponsor of our event!

Comic books and other collectibles - Come see what's hiding in our closet.

"The Comics Closet is located in Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania, right in the Market Square Shopping Center right off Route 3001, a minute or two drive away from Exit 4 off Interstate 83. Please feel free to stop by and have some fun with us."

As a business sponsor, they will have a booth set up at the Market. Drop by and give this New Freedom/Shrewsbury local business your support!

As we have said before, as a non-profit event that does not charge an entry fee, it is our sponsors ( business and vendor alike) that support the show and allow us to put the Market on. We appreciate every donation that our sponsors choose to send our way.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Vendor Sponsor: Darcarin Studios

Owned  by our event coordinator,  Darcarin Studios specializes in miniature jar-charm and capsule jewelry. These charms hold an array of wonders in endless combinations; dried herbs and flowers, semi precious and precious gemstones, watch parts, crystal, curiosities, odd-n-ends, and other whatnot. Darcarin Studios is now also offering a variety of 3D printed jewelry.

Drop by Darcarin Studios at the Market and say hello!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Business Sponsor: The Trilobite Collective

The Steampunk Farmer's Market would like to thank The Trilobite Collective for sponsoring The Steampunk Farmer's Market 2016.

"The Trilobite Collective consists of the brave crew of the F.A.S Trilobite, a grand airship in service to the Government of the Republic. Our Morale officer will be offering Mini-Reiki sessions and will be singing Arias on request. Our First Mate will be selling a curated collection of garb and accessories seldom seen on this world or any other. Our beloved Captain will be selling LIFE ... ITSELF in a jar (small aquatic terrariums containing Marimo mossballs, certified as harmless to all but Purple Martians)."

Drop by their booth and take a gander at their wares!

Schedule of Events 2016

                 Schedule of Events Click Here

The Schedule of Events as it currently stands is up! Take a gander and see what we have in a neat, tidy format. If anything changes between now and Saturday, the PDF file will be updated. Feel free to print out your own copies, though copies should be available at the event as well.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Goodies Preview from the Home Made Sweet Shop

Regular farmers market vendor, Home Made Sweet Shop, is taking the Steampunk theme head on by creating a variety of special Steampunk themed goodies for this weekend! Alongside these tasty tophats will be chai tea and earl gray flavored cupcakes. 

Vendor Sponsor: Hats and Spats

We would like to thank "Hats and Spats" for supporting the Steampunk Farmers Market by pitching in extra and sponsoring us!

"Hats and Spats: Steampunk Finery  from Head to Toe. Custom vintage hats, handmade jewelry, spats and gaiters, original sculpture and unique curiosities"

Drop by their booth and have a look!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Vendor Sponsor: Allison Woodworking

We would like to thank Allison Woodworking for choosing to pitch in  a bit extra and sponsor the event!

"We recycle/re purpose used building materials, discarded furniture, and tools into useful items for the home and garden."

Drop by their booth and say hello!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Pets, Footwear, and Weather


We are a pet-friendly event! Feel free to bring your leashed, well behaved, and friendly furry companions along with you when you venture out on the 27th.


Those of the high-heel wearing variety with your steampunk garb, be aware that the event is on uneven ground in a grassy tree-shaded park. Be certain to choose footwear that is wise for the terrain, and that you feel stable in for such a venue.


So far the weather looks good enough to keep the event outside. There is always the risk of rain showers at this time of year, none the less. We are monitoring the weather closely, and if it appears that the weather is going to turn poorly enough  to make an outside event completely unpleasant we will make the decision to move activities into the community center.  If the decision to move inside occurs, we will do our best to alert everyone to this change.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Business Sponsors: Bathfitter, Kitchen Saver, and Homespire

We would like to thank the following businesses, Bath Fitter, Homespire, and Kitchensaver, for sponsoring the Steampunk Farmers Market to help us make our second year great! Without our donors, the Market would not be near what it is turning out to be.  As a business sponsor, they will have a booth set up at the Market, so if anyone is looking for a fixed up bathroom, a fresh kitchen, or new windows and doors, be certain to visit them on the 27th. You can also contact their Lewisberry, PA branches through their websites for a consultation.

Bath Fitter
Homespire Windows and Doors
KitchenSaver Custom Cabinet Renewal

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Vendor Sponsor: Bone and Brass

The Steampunk Farmer's Market would like to thank Bone and Brass for sponsoring The Steampunk Farmer's Market 2016.

Bone and Brass:
Maker and couturier of fine leather goods and steampunk wearables. We provide the basics (the bone) as well as the gilt (the brass).
 Our work is currently on display at the Antique Automobile Club of America in Hershey, PA. We also recently provided leather work for a production of Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere, produced by Cohesion Theatre Company in Baltimore, MD.

Please support Bone and Brass by visiting their website and/or social media pages.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Country Conjuring Strolling Magic with Erick Hershey

For those who missed him last year, Erick Hershey will be returning to the Market for 2016 with his strolling magic! Catch him wandering the grounds from 11AM till Noon.

"Country Conjuring Magic! from the MAGIC of Erick Hershey is a journey out of the world of reality and into the world of illusion.  Fusing Western Steampunk with 18th and 19th century Americana, Erick weaves mysteries in entertaining performances full of wonder, fun, and laughter.  Audience participation abounds as magic takes place right in front of you... or even in your own hands!

Erick Hershey has performed magic for over 30 years throughout America, and is a member of the Society of American Magicians and the Pennsylvania State Association of County Fairs."

Friday, August 12, 2016

Vendor Sponsor: Drigie Jewlery

The Steampunk Farmer's Market would like to thank Drigie Industrial Jewelry for sponsoring The Steampunk Farmer's Market 2016.

"Handmade Steampunk Jewelry, "perfectly unique" "

Please support Drigie Industrial Jewelry by visiting their website and/or social media pages, and by visiting them at The 2016 SPFM!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Welcoming Lady Younglove and The Witch Doctor

Today's updates bring two new events to the Market!

We are welcoming Lady Younglove and The Witch Doctor who are presenting two events for us.
The first event "The Witch Doctor's Seance Theater", invites adventurers into the world of seance. This show is a $10 ticketed show and will take place at 2PM inside the Community center.

The second event, "Lady Younglove and The Witch Doctor's Sideshow Extravaganza" brings a variety of fun and entertainment back outside to the main event at 12:30PM. This is a busking show, so tips are appreciated!

The Witch Doctor's Seance Theater
Ticketed Event, $10 per person. Seating limited, tickets sold day-of.
Show Starts at 2PM and runs an hour-ish,
Location: Inside the New Freedom Community Center. Elevators are available for those with accessibility concerns.

Decades ago, a young lady named Anne was claimed by one of the largest disasters this country has ever seen - The Dust Bowl. The stories say she was taken by the dust, but her parents never found her remains.

What was recovered is her belongings. Over time these have passed from hand to hand until being gathered into one collection. See that collection today!

Join Christopher, The Witch Doctor in a paranormal exploration of those artefacts! Do the spirits still cling to this world? Can they be enticed to speak to us? Can we cross to the other side ourselves?

Explore psychic abilities, spirit energies, and other paranormal phenomena. Participation encouraged! Seating limited. Purchase a ticket today and have stories to tell for the rest of your life!

Questions about the show itself can be directed to:

Other concerns can be e-mailed to or message us through the facebook page.

Facebook Event Page:

Lady Younglove and The Witch Doctor's Sideshow Extravaganza
12:30PM - Location TBA
Busking Show

The Indestructible Lady Krystal Ruby Younglove - presenting classic side show performances to strike to your very core! Lady Younglove will have your audiences gasping in amazement, covering their eyes, and laughing out loud - all in the same show!

The Rev. Christopher Jon, Witch Doctor - Presenting unique and original psychological illusions, hypnotic influence, and turning imagination into reality. Christopher draws from history and ancient traditions to give the audience an experience they will never forget. Have your guests talking about your event for the rest of their lives!

This duo will show you feats of strength and mind over body that you will be talking about for years to come!


Drop by and have a look at Lady Younglove and the Witch Doctor's busking show! Come enjoy the fun, and don't forget to leave a tip!

Facebok Event Page:

Facebook users check out both shows, share, and invite!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Steampunk Frederick, August 12 - 14

If you are local to the Steampunk Farmers Market, you may also be interested in Steampunk Frederick that is happening this upcoming weekend. Steampunk Frederick is a three day event, full of various fun and activities

From the Steampunk Frederick Facebook page:

"Steampunk Frederick MD a weekend of steampunk fun and frivolity on the weekend of August 12, 13 and 14th centered around the Frederic High Wheel (Pennyfarthing) race. There will be an air conditioned steampunk home with vendors performances and more including headliner Eli August as well as Positronic Cats and Honey Bee Burlesque on Saturday.
go to for more info and we hope to see you there."

As always, we are happy to promote other Steampunk events, local or not, in trade for similar promotion. If you have an event you would like see posted to our blog and Facebook page, please feel free to e-mail us at

Vendor Sponsor: Rescued It Vintage

The Steampunk Farmer's Market would like to thank Rescued It Vintage for sponsoring The Steampunk Farmer's Market 2016.

"Rescued It Vintage avidly culls fun & funky vintage items from times passed. Our items vary in style and tend to be modern, industrial, whimsy, shabby, pop culture and more. Whatever it is it's sure to be loved!
Check out our booth for one-of-a-kind finds & collectibles that are sure to bring a smile to faces of all ages."

Also check out the Auqa Art booth next door! Run by the same vendor as Rescued It Vintage, Aqua Art offers a fun activity for both young and old Steampunks.

Please support Rescued It Vintage by visiting them at the 2016 SPFM!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Business Sponsor : Becca Patterson

The Steampunk Farmers Market Would like to thank Becca Patterson for sponsoring event via the GoFundMe!

"Sci-Fi and Fantasy are just two of Becca Patterson's preferred genres. An author hailing from Minnesota, she has been writing for as long as she can remember, and takes much of her inspiration from the teenagers she works with. In her spare time, Becca enjoys making her husband laugh, and playing string with her three cats.

You can follow her on her website at "

Stop by her website, give her a look, and help support someone who supported our event!

Friday, August 5, 2016

Event: The Return of Capt. Andreas Schutzen, Ordinance Expert

Vintage weapons Enthusiasts take heed! We are pleased to announce Special guest "Capt. Andreas Schutzen, Ordinance Expert", will be returning out to our Market with a showcase of authentic Victorian era swords and guns.

Stop by Captain Andreas’ table, to witness his display of "Infernal devices­ a century of innovation by the master mechanics", see demos, and hear tales of these vintage armaments. The display will be divided historically into three eras of Steampunk: Regency (1800­-1825), Master Mechanics (1830­-1875) and Brave New World (1875­-1900).

The Captain will be around all day to show off his items and take questions.

Vendor Sponsor: Absolems Garden

We would like to thank Absolems Garden for sponsoring our 2016 event! Be sure to drop by their booth, and to support them by visiting their Facebook page and website.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Vendor Sppnsor: Nightwisp Designs

The Steampunk Farmer's Market would like to thank Nightwisp Designs for sponsoring The Steampunk Farmer's Market 2016.

"Artist Lyndsey Hagerty crafts wonderful works many of which have a steampunk flair. Her wearable works of art include necklaces, pins, earrings, and bracelets. She also offers gemstone and metalwork jewelry and hand chosen gemstones. "

Please support Nightwisp Designs by visiting their website and visiting their facebook page!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Activity: Trinket Trade and Curiosity Swap

The Trinket Trade and Curiosity Swap is returning for 2016!

 Bring your trinkets, and trade for curiosities. Bring your curiosities, and swap for trinkets!

Exact rules and event guidelines will be updated soon.

Visit our Trinket Trade facebook event page for updates, to mark yourself as attending, invite others to participate, or to promote what kind of curiosities you may have for trade!

Vendor Sponsor : Gadgetometers

The Steampunk Farmer's Market would like to thank Gadgetometers for sponsoring the Steampunk Farmer's Market 2016!

"Gadetometers and Professor S.T. Punk's Emporium is proud to present a unique variety of handcrafted products. Out one of a kind, art-based devices are designed to augment the look of any costume. Whether you're a time traveler, vampire hunter, aviator, or explorer - these imaginative items will lend distinction to any persona. In addition, our inventory includes a vast array of other items such as handmade goggles, jewelry, hats, unique weaponry, and small items to enhance your Victoriana decor."

Please support Gadgetometers by visiting their website and/or social media pages, and by dropping by their booth at the 2016 Steampunk Farmer's market!

Monday, July 25, 2016

2016: Pokemon Go Event

10:00AM to 3PMish , give or take.

To all our Pokemon Go players, the New Freedom Farmers Market and thus The Steampunk Farmer's Market has both a pokestop and a gym on site!

Come on out to hunt pokemon, hatch eggs, farm the pokestop, battle for conquest of our Gym, and meet other players! The more people who show up and play, the more pokemon that will spawn in the area. We will try to set off lures throughout the day to attract even more.

Just be sure to play nice, and to keep team rivalries to a minimum. We want to hear about only friendly competition.

Interested? Check out the facebook event page, and invite other people to participate!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

2016: Early Bird Social at The Rail Trail Cafe

 6-8PM. Address: 117 N Front Street, New Freedom, PA

The Rail Trail Cafe is once again hosting a Friday night social! Come out the night before the Market for light socializing and to meet other local Steampunks!

Located in part of what once was the historic train station of New freedom, The Rail Trail Cafe sits just off the railroad tracks, and features a lovely menu of interesting treats, daily specials, and great coffee. There is also a red train caboose located just off the end of the platform for people to come out and see. Steampunk garb and other costumes welcome.

Feel free to express your interest in attending, and share the event via the Facebook event page!

Also visit the Rail Trail Cafe's page and give them a "like"!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

T-shirt Test Prints are In and Pin Design Reveal

The t-shirt test prints are in and they look great! They are direct printed on 100% cotton preshrunk Gildan t-shirts, and are of a good weight. None of that overly flimsy stuff.

We also have a prototype up of the 2016 exclusive 3D printed pin! We are experimenting with ink-washing the pins, so that the fine details really pop. They may also come in a selection of randomized colors rather than being just red, but this is not a final decision yet. Further images will be posted as updates are available.

Both the T-shirt and the pin are available for pre-sale through our GoFundMe! T-shirts come in size S through 5XL and are $25. Pins are $15 and a T-shirt/Pin combo is $35.

If you are interested in either of these items, please consider pre-ordering! T-shirt orders will cut off August 1st to ensure we have plenty of time to have attendee shirts available at the event. Not attending? No problem! Simply tell us in the comments box of your GoFundMe donation and we will ship you your pin-and/or-T-shirt after the event!

Take a look at our GoFundMe Here:
Every little bit helps, Thanks!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Pufferbelly Steampunk Express, June 11th, Wilmington DE

The Pufferbelly Steampunk Express, another Steampunk event, is only a week away! The Express looks to be shaping up to be a lot of fun.  Who is planning on attending? One of our organizers, Melissa, will be vending as Darcarin Studios on the train platform this weekend. Feel free to stop by and say hello!

"The Wilmington & Western presents a steam-infused spectacle of exciting musical entertainment, vendors and much more – all rooted in the neo-Victorian themes of the Steampunk culture.

The event will include hourly 40-minute steam-powered train rides (of course!), musical entertainment, plenty of unique photo opportunities, food vendors, and a lot more. The visiting Lehigh Valley Coal Company No. 126 will join with our iconic No. 98 to operate "pull-pull" style (one locomotive at each end of the train).

Passengers are encouraged to wear their finest Steampunk and Victorian attire. This event is sure to appeal to a wide range of visitors - from Steampunks to railfans to the family looking for a unique weekend outing - there will be something for everyone during the Pufferbelly Steampunk Express!"

Those of us behind The Steampunk Farmer's Market would like to  start promoting more Steampunk events in the general area. (Especially if they are willing to promote us in return). If you know of or run any events and would like to do a promo-trade, give us a shout!

Check them out on facebook:

And hit up their website for tickets:

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Steampunk Farmers Market 2016 GoFundMe Campaign

Good Morning! Today we are rolling out something big and exciting!

As The Steampunk Farmers Market is a free-to-the-public event, and we are dependent on donations from sponsors and the community we have put together a GoFundMe page to help support our day of Steampunk themed entertainment.

Our goal is to raise $2,000 to cover paying our performers, advertisement materials, incentive production, and any other costs that pop up during planning. Any amount that we receive but do not use this year will roll forward to the 2017 season.

Our incentives include a wonderful T-shirt design and a 3D printed 2016 commemorative pin put together by Darcain Studios, small business sponsorship/advertisement options, and our "Farmhand" job titles!

Perhaps you would like your name listed on the event blog under the job of "Octopus Herder" or "Battle Pig Rider"? Take a look at the GoFundMe page for more information!

T-shirts must be ordered by August 1st to make sure we have them on hand for attendee pickup. All others will ship after the event. Final T-shirt colors and and shirt base color may vary depending on the results of the test prints.

Please take a look and share on your social media, as this is a huge and important aspect of this years Steampunk Farmers Market!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Event Announcement: SPFM2016 welcomes The Positronic Cats!

We are pleased to announce that The Positronic Cats will be joining us this year!

The Positronc Cats are a progressive folk duo from Pennsylvania. Simple chord progressions paired with powerful vocals and intricate mandolin phrasings are the foundation for songs about love, revenge, and the future. As fans of dark, emotional themes as well as science fiction, their goal is to evoke cinematic scenes in the listener’s mind. They draw inspiration from classic filmmakers like Ingmar Bergman and Stanley Kubrick as well as the music of Tom Waits, Radiohead, and The Decemberists. In the winter of 2014, they began recording a story about a cosmic romance which opens in the belly of the underworld and closes at the rim of the ever expanding universe. The result was their first self release, the EP “Love is Impossible”. Currently, they are headed back into the studio to record the follow up, tentatively titled “Mortal Cathedrals”.

Waylon K. Smith and Jim Taylor (both multi-instrumentalists in their mid-thirties) have been making music together since 2013 and have since found a home within the Steampunk community on the East Coast. In May of 2015, they performed with such acts as Steam Powered Giraffe, This Way to the Egress, Frenchy and the Punk, Feline and Strange, Humanwine, Eli August and the Abandoned Buildings, and Mansara at at The Steampunk World’s Fair in Piscataway, New Jersey. They added to a host of sideshow acts, cosplay actors, and fellow musicians in October of 2015 at the Gilded Festival in Cape May, NJ. In January of 2016, they shared the stage with Aurelio Voltaire and Psyche Corporation at the Brass Ring Academy and Cabaret at The New England Carousel Museum in Bristol, Connecticut. Twice a year, they provide musical support for a Steampunk event in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania at a local brewery located in a Civil War era barn. 2016 is proving to be an exciting year as they continue to book new Steampunk/Sci-fi events in their surrounding region and beyond.

Their songs are broadcast regularly on Krypton Radio (which reaches tens of thousands of listeners and readers each month), WWCF Radio 88.7 FM, and the web show Ambassador Radio (which airs on several college stations such as Kutztown University Radio, 91.1 FM WBUQ, Gettysburg College Radio, WCLH 90.7 FM-Wilkes University, and WVYC York College of PA). You may find the music of The Positronic Cats online at ReverbNation, Bandcamp, Spotify, Shazam, YouTube, CD Baby, and iTunes. They have over a thousand combined followers across social media sites including Facebook, ReverbNation, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and

For booking inquiries, please contact Waylon K. Smith at

Friday, March 4, 2016

Steam Into History Train Ride

Steam Into History "Steampunk Railroad Flyers" Train Ride

Departs promptly 3:30 PM, Saturday August 27th.
Tickets $5.00 per person ($4.00 + $1.00 ticket/processing fee )

The train is returning to The Steampunk Farmer's Market! Come out and ride Steam into History's faithful replica of the train Abraham Lincoln rode on the way to present the Gettysburg Address, and later carried the president's body in a funeral car. Steam into History has once again kindly worked with us to bring the Steampunk Farmer’s Market a $5, half hour, train ride running from New Freedom to Railroad and back. This year, the train ride has a new New Freedom departure time of 3:30PM. Steam Into History and the train station are less than half a mile down the hill from the Steampunk Farmer’s Market.

For ticket purchases visit:
The ticket page can also be found through the Steam into History website, via clicking on the red "Tickets and Schedule" banner, then found on the calendar under "Steampunk Railroad Flyers" on August 27th.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Vendor and Entertainment Registrations Are Available

Registration forms for the 2016 Steampunk Farmer's Market are available. 

All files are PDFs. If anyone has problems accessing these forms, please e-mail us at for alternate copies.

Vendor Registration with 2016 Sponsorship Options
Entertainment Registration
Sponsorship Form

Registration this year has been split into different forms rather than stuffing everything into one form like last year; Vendor Registration, Entertainment Registration, and Sponsorship Form.

Spots for 2016 are still only $10 per vendor/group. There are also additional optional sponsorship options geared towards our small business and crafts vendors who would like a little bit of extra promotion with us.  This year we are also opening sponsorship options up to any steampunk vendors/artists/creators etc who would like to donate towards SPFM2016 in return for advertisement. Details are listed on the 2016 Sponsorship Form.

We are seeking:

-All types of Steampunk themed vendors
Crafts - Artists - Authors - Clothing - Jewelry - Etc
Even if you are not strictly Steampunk, if you feel your wares would appeal to the Steampunk crowd you will be welcome.  If you are unsure, contact us first.

-Entertainers, event hosts, etc and more
Do you have an idea for something fun and want to participate? Do you want to put on an act, sideshow, or other presentation? Feel free to apply via the application, or contact us first if you wish to run your idea past us.  We have several Entertainment categories this year for anyone interested in participating.

-Cosplay groups and nonprofits are welcome. Any group not intending to sell merchandise or make a profit is welcome to ask for a free spot.

-Do you have a Steampunk themed group that wishes to have a presence at our event? Contact us!

-Food Trucks and Food Vendors

We are NOT looking for:
-Direct Sales Associates
(Origami Owl, Mary Kay, Avon, etc). If you are a direct sales associate who believes your items would appeal to Steampunks feel free to inquire and pitch to us why you feel your items would be welcome at a Steampunk event. We are an event geared towards small business and hand made items and we do not feel most direct sales are a good fit for us.

We retain the right to refuse any vendor who we do not feel is appropriate for our event.


Thursday, February 25, 2016

Things Are Moving Right Along

Image courtesy Becker Thorne 

Everything has been rolling along nicely for The Steampunk Farmer's Market 2016! Vendor registration will be up within the next couple of days and we will be announcing our first entertainment/events soon so keep an eye out!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Event Date: August 27th 2016

We are pleased to announce that our event has a firm booked date of August 27th, 2016. A few people may have heard early rumors of the possibility of another date, but we had to do a last minute change when there was a scheduling conflict with the venue.

One bonus to moving the date to August 27th is that it currently coincides with the Rose Fire Co's pit beef and chicken sale. This will help right off the bat with some of the requests we had for more food options at the show since the fire hall shares a parking lot with the event.

We have several things already in the works for our 2016 show! One of these things is that are planning on rolling out some type of fundraising campaign within the next couple of months to help us put together a bigger and better event. This could be a gofundme type campaign, or something as simple as a T-shirt pre-sale. We have not yet decided just what is the best option for us, and when we have anything solid we will make an announcement.

Vendor and entertainment applications will be ready hopefully within the next couple of weeks. The spot fee remains at $10 with updated optional sponsor options.