Saturday, February 27, 2016

Vendor and Entertainment Registrations Are Available

Registration forms for the 2016 Steampunk Farmer's Market are available. 

All files are PDFs. If anyone has problems accessing these forms, please e-mail us at for alternate copies.

Vendor Registration with 2016 Sponsorship Options
Entertainment Registration
Sponsorship Form

Registration this year has been split into different forms rather than stuffing everything into one form like last year; Vendor Registration, Entertainment Registration, and Sponsorship Form.

Spots for 2016 are still only $10 per vendor/group. There are also additional optional sponsorship options geared towards our small business and crafts vendors who would like a little bit of extra promotion with us.  This year we are also opening sponsorship options up to any steampunk vendors/artists/creators etc who would like to donate towards SPFM2016 in return for advertisement. Details are listed on the 2016 Sponsorship Form.

We are seeking:

-All types of Steampunk themed vendors
Crafts - Artists - Authors - Clothing - Jewelry - Etc
Even if you are not strictly Steampunk, if you feel your wares would appeal to the Steampunk crowd you will be welcome.  If you are unsure, contact us first.

-Entertainers, event hosts, etc and more
Do you have an idea for something fun and want to participate? Do you want to put on an act, sideshow, or other presentation? Feel free to apply via the application, or contact us first if you wish to run your idea past us.  We have several Entertainment categories this year for anyone interested in participating.

-Cosplay groups and nonprofits are welcome. Any group not intending to sell merchandise or make a profit is welcome to ask for a free spot.

-Do you have a Steampunk themed group that wishes to have a presence at our event? Contact us!

-Food Trucks and Food Vendors

We are NOT looking for:
-Direct Sales Associates
(Origami Owl, Mary Kay, Avon, etc). If you are a direct sales associate who believes your items would appeal to Steampunks feel free to inquire and pitch to us why you feel your items would be welcome at a Steampunk event. We are an event geared towards small business and hand made items and we do not feel most direct sales are a good fit for us.

We retain the right to refuse any vendor who we do not feel is appropriate for our event.


Thursday, February 25, 2016

Things Are Moving Right Along

Image courtesy Becker Thorne 

Everything has been rolling along nicely for The Steampunk Farmer's Market 2016! Vendor registration will be up within the next couple of days and we will be announcing our first entertainment/events soon so keep an eye out!