Sunday, July 31, 2016

Vendor Sppnsor: Nightwisp Designs

The Steampunk Farmer's Market would like to thank Nightwisp Designs for sponsoring The Steampunk Farmer's Market 2016.

"Artist Lyndsey Hagerty crafts wonderful works many of which have a steampunk flair. Her wearable works of art include necklaces, pins, earrings, and bracelets. She also offers gemstone and metalwork jewelry and hand chosen gemstones. "

Please support Nightwisp Designs by visiting their website and visiting their facebook page!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Activity: Trinket Trade and Curiosity Swap

The Trinket Trade and Curiosity Swap is returning for 2016!

 Bring your trinkets, and trade for curiosities. Bring your curiosities, and swap for trinkets!

Exact rules and event guidelines will be updated soon.

Visit our Trinket Trade facebook event page for updates, to mark yourself as attending, invite others to participate, or to promote what kind of curiosities you may have for trade!

Vendor Sponsor : Gadgetometers

The Steampunk Farmer's Market would like to thank Gadgetometers for sponsoring the Steampunk Farmer's Market 2016!

"Gadetometers and Professor S.T. Punk's Emporium is proud to present a unique variety of handcrafted products. Out one of a kind, art-based devices are designed to augment the look of any costume. Whether you're a time traveler, vampire hunter, aviator, or explorer - these imaginative items will lend distinction to any persona. In addition, our inventory includes a vast array of other items such as handmade goggles, jewelry, hats, unique weaponry, and small items to enhance your Victoriana decor."

Please support Gadgetometers by visiting their website and/or social media pages, and by dropping by their booth at the 2016 Steampunk Farmer's market!

Monday, July 25, 2016

2016: Pokemon Go Event

10:00AM to 3PMish , give or take.

To all our Pokemon Go players, the New Freedom Farmers Market and thus The Steampunk Farmer's Market has both a pokestop and a gym on site!

Come on out to hunt pokemon, hatch eggs, farm the pokestop, battle for conquest of our Gym, and meet other players! The more people who show up and play, the more pokemon that will spawn in the area. We will try to set off lures throughout the day to attract even more.

Just be sure to play nice, and to keep team rivalries to a minimum. We want to hear about only friendly competition.

Interested? Check out the facebook event page, and invite other people to participate!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

2016: Early Bird Social at The Rail Trail Cafe

 6-8PM. Address: 117 N Front Street, New Freedom, PA

The Rail Trail Cafe is once again hosting a Friday night social! Come out the night before the Market for light socializing and to meet other local Steampunks!

Located in part of what once was the historic train station of New freedom, The Rail Trail Cafe sits just off the railroad tracks, and features a lovely menu of interesting treats, daily specials, and great coffee. There is also a red train caboose located just off the end of the platform for people to come out and see. Steampunk garb and other costumes welcome.

Feel free to express your interest in attending, and share the event via the Facebook event page!

Also visit the Rail Trail Cafe's page and give them a "like"!