2018 Vendors

Darcarin Studios - Sponsor 

Steampunk - Deadly - Unusual jewelry
Featuring primarily miniature jar charms filled with dried herbs (deadly nightshade, wolfsbane, Spanish moss, rose petals, marshmallow root and more), flowers, gemstones, watch parts, and other who-knows and what-not. Custom items can be ordered upon request.

Nancy Bradley Designs - Vendor Sponsor 

Founded in 2011, Nancy Bradley Designs of Lancaster, PA, features found object and mixed media jewerly creations incorporating vintage finds such as watch parts, keys, transit tokens, and tintypes along with contemporary objects that compliment such Vintage parts. Owner Nancy E. Bradley has enjoyed antiquing for as long as she can remember and loves bringing new life to her antiquing finds.

Aurum LARP - Vendor Sponsor 

Aurum LARP is a Steampunk-themed Live Action Roleplaying Game (LARP) located in New Jersey centered around exploration, discovery, and teamwork, Players are encouraged to make unique characters and explore this world filled with magic, science, and steam, To learn more please see: 

Artifacts N Relics 

Up-Cycled Jewelry + accouterments made from found objects such as bullet casings, gears, coins, and other cool goodies.

Horny Things and Dancers Oasis Inc  - Vendor Sponsors

Purveyors, traders, and artisans of Horn, Bone, Antler and other natural materials.

Items include but are not limited to:

-Items made from horn such as: drinking horns, mugs, cups, utensils, bowls, hair sticks/decorations, checkers, whistles, lanterns, beads, tips, pendants, charms, shaving brushes, boxes, frames, trays, jewelry , shofars, and raw
-Items made from antler such as: pendants, mystical art, headdress, handles, key chains, checkers, game pieces, jewelry, and raw.
-Items made from bone such as: game pieces, pendants, beads, hair ornaments, utensils, boxes, frames, trays, jewelry, and pieces
-Items made from other natural materials such as: Fur key chains, headdresses, hats, hair ornaments, beads, fur, leather holders, fur tails, stands for horns, bags, costumes.
-Items made from fabric or repurposed materials: hats, bags, jewelry, lids, and costume accessories.
-Items in conjunction with theme styles of: Viking, Celtic, Steampunk, Gothic, Metaphysical, Spiitual, Fairy, Sci-Fi, Burleqsue, adult, renaissance, Victoriana, and cosplay.

Heather E. Hutsell, Authoress - Vendor Sponsor

Heather E. Hutsell is the authoress of the Steampunk mystery series, The Case files. She has also written several other novels and shot story collections, ranging from historical romantic horror, absurdist fiction, future dystopian cautionary tales, mystical folklore, shot whimsical stories of fantastical mishaps, to many other adventures in between

She is also the creator of one-of-a-kind boutonnieres made from recycled neckties. No self respecting Steampunk should be seen without one!

For more information, please visit

Silverwolf Leather -Vendor Sponsor 

Handcrafted creative leather couture and accessories. We make beautiful leather goods from pouches, journals, and flash/bottle holders, to corsets, bustles, kilts and more! We also offer custom collaboration for these  and items we haven't thought to make yet.

Jindabine Mercantile - Vendor Sponsors 

Steampunk jewelry (mostly), and a few household decor items like candle holders and collage.

KISS Designs  - Vendor Sponsor 

We are a family business specializing in corsets & garb crafted from vintage, antique, ad up-cycled materials. Like us on Facebook!

All Geared Up Repurpose 

I buy parts from flea markets, yard sales, etc to build lamps for the last 5 years.
 Recycle.  Repurpose. Restore.