2017 Vendors

Darcarin Studios - Sponsor 
Steampunk - Deadly - Unusual jewelry
Featuring primarily miniature jar charms filled with dried herbs (deadly nightshade, wolfsbane, Spanish moss, rose petals, marshmallow root and more), flowers, gemstones, watch parts, and other who-knows and what-not. Custom items can be ordered upon request.

Doc Stone's Tinkering 
Custom made, one of a kind wearable art, made from leather, hammered brass, and found items (mostly antique clock parts). This collection is perfect for the Steam Punk crowd or someone who wants adornment that shows eclecticism and taste

Eli's Apothecary 
Handmade vegan soaps, solid perfumes, mustache wax and aftershave. Unique scents such as Edgar Allan Potpourri (and Poe-fume!), Samuel Clemons and Ni-Clove-a Tesla by Eli August

Design by Night
Design by Night creates fantasy feather and flower hair accessories, brooches, and hats for women and men. She has a passion for anything shiny, sparkly, or feathery and loves to wear her pirate hats around the house while scavenging for lost treasures (which she usually finds in her craft room). Among her treasures you can find fairy crowns, day of the dead flower crowns, pirate hats, and mermaid, woodland, steampunk and garden  inspired accessories.

Jindabine Mercantile 
Mainly steampunk jewelry. Some table top decorations (Ie bowl fillers) candle holders and pin keeps.

Steam and Foam 

I have combined the steampunk theme with the sea. I collect sea glass and have used it as a base for jewelry. I also have unique driftwood wreaths that are steampunk and or steam and sea.I also have old vintage bottles with a steampunk flare.  All my pieces are one of a kind and hand crafted. I will also have some vintage toys and flea market items with a steampunk flare.

Absolems Garden - Sponsor 
"We sell costume jewelry and accessories. Both handmade and resale. Necklaces, chokers, rings, scarves, bracelets, anklets. We have everything time traveling Victorians need to stay fashionable. "

Dark of Night Delights 
"I sell a collection of goth/skills/steampunk jewelry, home decor, and some industrial pieces"

Artifacts N Relics 

Michael studied graphic design at Berks Technical Institute and believes art is out small escape from the real world, it makes us smile, even if just for a moment. He has been active in creating art in many forms since childhood as a self employed full time artist for the last 5 years and is strongly inspired by the Victorian vintage industrial aesthetic

He enjoys creating Up-Cycled Jewelry and accouterments using various flotsam and jetsam such as vintage watch parts, bullet casings, vintage coins, old ink pen nibs, and other forgotten relics. His work has been accepted at many high profile events, such as Steampunk Unlimited, Jim Thorpe Earth Day, JT Fal Fest, and Americas 911 Military Tribute Bike & Car Show. Artifacts N Relics is also honored to be currently featured at Building Character in Lancaster PA. You can find unusual gifts in the Victorian Steampunk style as well as amazing bullet casing jewelry, coin rings, and many other unique and fun jewelry items at Artifacts N Relics.

Aurum LARP/Absolute Zero Gaming LLC

No description given/description pending

Kiss Designs 

Keep it Simply Stylish (No further description given/description pending)

Juniper Poppets and Trinkets 
Steampunk critters and little weirdos

Silverwolf Leather -Sponsor 

Handcrafted creative leather couture and accessories. We make beautiful leather goods from pouches, journals, and flash/bottle holders, to corsets, bustles, kilts and more! We also offer custom collaboration for these  and items we haven't thought to make yet.

Drigie Jewelry - Sponsor 

Drigie Industrial Jewelry is perfectly unique- steam punk (or Ragtime) necklaces and earrings (bracelets coming soon), which are affordable for every one. I enjoy combining different colored metals with whimsical charms and pendants, when each piece comes together it is very satisfying, almost like solving a puzzle.

Hats and Spats - Sponsor 
Vintage hats give na second life with a Steampunk flair. Everything from aviator caps to stylish ladies' touring hats. Handmade mini/fascinator hats. fanciful spats in a variety of fabrics and designs. And from twenty thousand leagues under the sea, hand sculpted tentacle jewelry and hair adornments. Steampunk finery form head to toe!

Aeroporium is an emporium with one of a kind items both strange and wonderful Capes and clothing created by professional seamstress Jeanna Quigley, art, jewelry, and mysterious accouterments by certified baster jeweler Brain Quigley and all manners f antique and Victorian paper ephemera, hardware, etc. Landing our airship in your fair city soon!

Gadgetometers is proud to present a unique variety of handcrafted products that pertain to the Steampunk theme. Our one of ak ind art based devices are designed to augment the look of any costume. Whether you'e a time traveler, vampire hunter, fairy friend, aviator, or explorer -- these imaginative items will lend distinction to any personal. They even look good on a shelf. In addition to our Gadgetometers, our inventory includes a vast array of other theme related items such as handmade goggles, jewelry hats, time machines, jet packs, costume accessories, unique weaponry, and small vintage items to enhance your decor. Drop by our emporium and take a look.

Southern York County YMCA Fencing Club 
No Description Given/Description pending

Desert Dreams Design Studio 
Desert Dreams Design Studio designs "art to wear". Our jewelry is made from recycled materials such as aluminum cans, greeting cards, gift cards, plastic bottle,s zippers, lens from old glasses or sunglasses - we see beauty and function in what others throw away. We also make other items of art, both decorative and functional that incorporate the same materials. We up-cycle thrown away items to new and unique pieces that are almost non-recognizable from their origins. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

Horny Things

Purveyors, traders and artisans of Horn, Bone, Antler and other natural materials  Drinking horns, mugs, shaving items, headdresses, dice, and more

Deb's Unique Creations 

"I have OOAK Steampunk art creations for sale , mostly decorative pieces . I “Steampunk” bottles, picture frames, clocks, masks, etc. I will accept requests for custom made pieces as well. "

Old Hat Vintage Clothing - Sponsor
Vintage clothing and accouterments, vests and boots, belts and bags, hats, fur, vintage jewelry, linens, bits and bobs, kitchen gadgets, antiques chosen from the shop aimed toward Steampunk, Renn and Fairy costuming. Sell as Old Hat Vintage Clothing in CannonHill Place Antiques.  111 S. Carroll Street, Frederick, Md.  Facebook-Old Hat Vintage Clothing.

Dodson Designs 
"We create leather items with a steampunk or industrial flair. Our focus is on creating well-made hand-crafted leather products. We specialize in creative one of a kind pieces that "make your most creative dream come true." We also craft well made more common everyday items such as belts, pouches, purses, wallets and journals with a unique flavor."

Sick Ass Cat Studios
I make marionettes out of wire as well as small figures out of the same , each is a one of a kind and very unique . I spent several years developing these methods .You can see my work  on facebook Sickass Cat Studios .

Ghost Violets 
"I am a local artist who specializes in unique preserved flower jewelry.  I grow all the plants myself, with poisonous plants being at the center of my garden.  You can see some of my work at my Etsy shop, Ghost Violets."

Dem Spade Jewelry
One-of-a-kind steampunk jewelry and electronics (lamps, Bluetooth radios, and more)

Clock Tower Custom Designs 

Description pending

The Dragons Aerie

Cosplay creation supplies 

Food Vendors

Rose​ ​Fire​ ​Hall​ ​BBQ
From​ ​11​ ​till​ ​Sell​ ​Out,​ ​venture​ ​over​ ​to​ ​the​ ​fire​ ​hall​ ​for​ ​delicious​ ​pit​ ​beef​ ​and​ ​turkey​ ​sandwiches,
along​ ​with​ ​grilled​ ​chicken​ ​meals

Mamma D's Bakery

Featuring cake-by-the-piece and other goodies such as apple dumplings and a rotating variety of treats.
Mamma D is also bringing a menu of lunch deals special for the Steampunk Market!

Mamma D's Meal Deals
Your choice of:
       Turkey & Cheese (lettuce, tomato, & onion),
       Ham & Cheese (lettuce tomato, onion),
       Club - Roast beef, ham, & turkey & cheese (lettuce, tomato & onion).
      Chicken salad on a croissant roll with lettuce & cherry tomatoes
     BBQ Honey Chicken sandwich with or without sweetened slaw mix ontop
    Your choice of bag of chips and a drink

Home Made Sweet Shop 
Cupcakes, candies, and other goodies. Be certain to drop by for something stunningly delicious!

Grace Bible Church

Hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, drinks, chips, and other snacks.

S'More Smelter 

Put together, designed, and described by some of our youngest Famers Market regulars, drop by the S'more Smelter for steampunk themed novelty s'mores!
"S'more Smelters is a non-profit based company. It's a purpose is to raise funds to assist Adam Trout with his fight with Stage 4 Bile Duct Cancer"

The New Freedom Farmers Market Vendors
These vendors regularly appear at the weekly Farmer's Market that  "The Steampunk Farmers Market" is being built around. Come see them for fresh baked goods, local produce, live plants, local crafts and more!
Regular vendors come and go, not all are guaranteed to be present any given week. Some vendors may begin leaving by 1PM, the normal farmers market hours.