Tuesday, August 22, 2017

2017 Vendor Sponsor: Silverwolf Leather

We would like to thank Silverwolf Leather for pitching in a little extra and sponsoring The Steampunk Farmers Market 2017!

"Handcrafted creative leather couture and accessories. We make beautiful leather goods from pouches, journals, and flash/bottle holders, to corsets, bustles, kilts and more! We also offer custom collaboration for these and items we haven't thought to make yet."

Please support Silverwolf Leather by dropping by their booth and checking out their social media!


Friday, August 11, 2017

Initial 2017 Vendor List

The basic vendor list is up! Pop on over to the Vendors page to take a look at who will be appearing with their wares on August 26th at the third Steampunk Farmers Market!

All in hand vendor applications have been responded to. If you have sent in an application and have NOT received an e-mail and wish a status update send us a message or send an e-mail to SteampunkFarmersMarket@gmail.com. There are a couple more forms waiting to be picked up tomorrow, and those will be acknowledged over the weekend.

We know we have been slow with updates this year due to significant personal matters in the lives of our small crew of staff throwing wrenches in he works , but things are rolling along as planned.

Monday, July 24, 2017

2017 Events and Activities Update

After a long and unfortunate drought of updates, the initial roster of events and activities has been updated to the Events and Entertainment page! Be sure to check the page out for expanded information on everything we have posted so far.

More updates will appear as we finalize information and get the information rolled out. Also, vendor applications are still being accepted for anyone who hasn't sent one in yet. We generally accept up to last minute vendors, as long as they make an effort to contact us first so we know you are coming.

We are also open still to the idea of buskers if anyone wishes to busk at the event, and to the idea of volunteers wishing to run an activity they have in mind.  Just drop us an e-mail and run your ideas by us! SteampunkFarmersMarket@gmail.com

Current 2017 Entertainment roster:

Eli August and The Abandoned Buildings along with The Positronic Cats
will be returning to The Market this year to serenade everyone with their loely music and great talents.

Erick Hershey
will also be re-appearing from 11 to Noon with his strolling magic, and will be available at his booth for the rest of the event there after.

The Trinket Trade and Curiosity Swap 
Small handmade items up to larger pieces and antiques; bring them out to the Trinket Trade and Curiosity Swap to barter and trade with others for new and different stuff! This is not a sales event, purely bartering and trading. Times to be announced.

Southern York Country YMCA Fencing Club 

Drop by their table for periodic demos throughout the day!

Costume Contest
Spiff up your best finery and come compete for bragging rights in the costume contest! All ages.

Mark Twain on the Glen Rock Railroad Experience on York 17 with Steam Into History.
An assortment of factors beyond anyone's control means we were not able to coordinate the same train ride that we have had the past two years. None the less, Steam Into History cordially invites all interested Steampunks to join them and their Mark Twain reenactor for an hour long train ride at 11:30, 1:00PM or 2:30PM. See the Events and Entertainment Page for more information.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

2017 SPFM Vendor Registration is Open!

Vending Registration Link

We are officially accepting vending registration forms for the 2017 season!

We are not doing an entertainment registration form like we tried last year. For entertainers (music, busking, sideshows, etc) it is just easier for you to e-mail us directly at SteampunkFarmersMarket@gmail.com with your inquiries/idea pitches.

Friday, January 6, 2017

2017 Revamp

The 2017 revamp is underway!

We are in the process of rolling over the page to the 2017 setup and theme. The look may tweak over the next few days, and the various pages may shuffle around as we update information.

As always if anyone notes any problems be they visibility, accessibility, or otherwise when it comes to colors/themes/pages and content do not hesitate to let us know so we can work on a fix.

e-mail us at SteampunkFarmersMarket@gmail.com if you see something that needs fixed.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Guest Survey and Another Round of Thanks

With everything pretty much wrapped up for the year outside of a bit of backend housekeeping, we have a last round of thanks to extend.

First of all, thank you again to everyone who came out for the event. Without guests to arrive and enjoy the day, the event would not be what it is.

Also a huge thank you to all of our vendors for deciding our event was worth their time to vend at, and extra thanks to everyone who opted into the completely optional Sponsorship options. Your aid and generosity paid for a huge chunk of our event this year. You are directly responsible for the fact we could afford the entertainment we had! So everyone thank our vendor sponsors for their help!

Speaking of sponsors and donors, also thank you to The Comics Closet and Bath Fitter for being our business sponsors this year. They may not have been steampunk vendors but they still helped pay for the event! We will not forget the people who donated to our GoFundMe!  Every bit helps, so thank you to those people as well.

Also, thank you to all of our entertainers for this year. The Positronic Cats and Eli August and The Abandoned Buildings put on great performances for us. A huge thanks to them for their great music, and being flexible with a few last minute schedule shuffles, for judging our costume contest, and assisting in making a couple of announcements.

A thank you to Erick Hershey and his strolling magic for bringing so much fun to the event! Erick has gone above and beyond both of these past two years to entertain and awe our guests. We truly appreciate his enthusiasm to be a part of our show.

Then thank you to Lady Younglove and the Witch Doctor for bringing their Sideshow Extravaganza and their Seance show to the Market! We hope everyone else enjoyed them as much as we did.

Thank you everyone for your participation, support, kind words, and interest in our event. It is everything and everyone combined that makes the Market what it is.

If you enjoyed our market, please fill out our post event survey,  as every bit of feedback helps us plan and adjust for future years.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Special Thanks and SPFM2016 Media Coverage

Well, The Steampunk Farmers Market 2016 has come and gone. We were bigger, better, and more fantastic (and significantly dryer) than last year! We estimate no less than 700 people having rolled through during the day, with possibly as many as 400 on grounds at one time! We are beyond thrilled with the turnout and how smoothly everything went.

We have some special thanks we would like to extend out to a few key groups that make our event possible, and as successful as it was.

Thank you to the New Freedom Recreation Council and the New Freedom Farmers Market for backing our event and providing us the foundation upon which the Steampunk Market is possible. Without the support of the Market and Council we would not have our event. If you are local, feel free to drop by our regular Saturday Farmers Market, 10 to 1. Not every weekend can be a Steampunk weekend, but the Farmers Market continues even without such special events. I know the regular vendors would appreciate seeing return faces!

We would also like to thank Steam Into History for working with us and hosting the Steampunk Radio Flyers Train Ride for the second year. I am sure everyone who has gotten the chance to enjoy the train thanks them as well for participating!

Then there is The Rail Trail Cafe, which has been invaluable in their support of our Market. They host our Friday Night Early Bird Social, and they function as more or less our planning head quarters. So huge thanks to them for putting up with us and for everything they do!


Our event was also graced by the presence of at least two newspapers this past weekend. Thank you to everyone who gave them the time to either speak to them, or to allow them to take photographs. Media representation is an important part of helping to promote awareness of our event as it helps to reach more people which will hopefully result in a larger show next year!

Check out the photographs taken by the York Dispatch

Also, take a gander at the lovely video that Shane Dunlap of the Evening Sun put together for us. Thank you to everyone who participated!