Thursday, August 16, 2018

2018 Vendor Sponsor: Dancer's Oasis

Dancer's Oasis has stepped up to be a vendor sponsor for 2018!

Be certain to pop by to visit them along with their sister booth Horny Things, to see what they are all about and to thank them for helping to support the show!

Sneak on over to their facebook page and check them out!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

2018 Vendor Sponsor: Horny Things

We would like to thank Horny Things  for pitching in a little extra and sponsoring The Steampunk Farmers Market 2018!

"Purveyors, traders, and artisans of Horn, Bone, Antler and other natural materials.

Items include but are not limited to:

-Items made from horn such as: drinking horns, mugs, cups, utensils, bowls, hair sticks/decorations, checkers, whistles, lanterns, beads, tips, pendants, charms, shaving brushes, boxes, frames, trays, jewelry , shofars, and raw
-Items made from antler such as: pendants, mystical art, headdress, handles, key chains, checkers, game pieces, jewelry, and raw.
-Items made from bone such as: game pieces, pendants, beads, hair ornaments, utensils, boxes, frames, trays, jewelry, and pieces
-Items made from other natural materials such as: Fur key chains, headdresses, hats, hair ornaments, beads, fur, leather holders, fur tails, stands for horns, bags, costumes.
-Items made from fabric or repurposed materials: hats, bags, jewelry, lids, and costume accessories.
-Items in conjunction with theme styles of: Viking, Celtic, Steampunk, Gothic, Metaphysical, Spiritual, Fairy, Sci-Fi, Burlesque, adult, renaissance, Victoriana, and cosplay."

Be sure to drop by their booth and take a perusal of their wares! Also pop into their facebook page to have a gander ahead of time as to the kinds of items they may have available the 25th!

Sunday, August 12, 2018

2018 Vendor Sponsor: Jindabine Mercantile

We would like to thank  Jindabine Mercantile for pitching in a little extra and sponsoring The Steampunk Farmers Market 2018!

"Steampunk jewelry (mostly), and a few household decor items like candle holders and collage. "

Take a stroll on through and see what they have that may speak to you!

Friday, August 10, 2018

2018 Vendor Sponsor: Kiss Designs

Our first Vendor Sponsor post for the 2018 season!

We would like to thank Kiss Designs for pitching in a little extra and sponsoring The Steampunk Farmers Market 2018!

"We are a family business specializing in corsets & garb crafted from vintage, antique, and up-cycled materials. Like us on Facebook!"

Be sure to drop by their booth and take a perusal of their wares!

Sunday, April 29, 2018

2018 Vending Registration

               2018 Vending Registration Link
                                             We are seeking vendors for our 2018 show!

The event will run from 10AM to no less than 3/3:30 PM. Final end time to be announced as entertainment is worked out.

Vendors (Arts, crafts, food, etc)
Food Vendors - Please e-mail us first before submitting a paper application!

Spots for 2018 are $15 per vendor/group. There are also additional optional sponsorship options geared towards our small business and crafts vendors who would like a little bit of extra promotion with us.  This year we are also opening sponsorship options up to any steampunk vendors/artists/creators etc who would like to donate towards SPFM2018 in return for advertisement, even if you do not intend to vend at our event. Details are listed on the 2018 Sponsorship Form.

Music-Shows-Buskers-Activities-Events-Tea Parties, Etc

Do you wish to preform in some capacity at The Steampunk Farmers Market? We are open to hear pitches for just about anything that would relate to a steampunk crowd.  If Tea Parties or other food related events are your gig, we do have a full kitchen on site that the event has access to.

We have three basic loose categories for entertainment:

Headliners -bands, major acts, etc. These are the groups we pay to attend our event. Our budget for paid entertainment tends to be fairly small given the nature of our event, so our ability to book paid headliners is limited.
Buskers - Preforming for tips, or just for the fun of it. The event does not pay you. This category can include wandering performers and small stationary shows.
Ticketed Events - We do not pay you, you sell tickets through us or your own media to a show/event/activity.

Even if you do not fit into these categories and if you are interested in preforming, e-mail us with what you would like to do and we will go from there! If you are an individual or group that would expect payment to preform form us please include a rough quote for your services in the initial e-mail.

We are seeking:

-All types of Steampunk themed vendors
Crafts - Artists - Authors - Clothing - Jewelry - Etc
Even if you are not strictly Steampunk, if you feel your wares would appeal to the Steampunk crowd you will be welcome.  If you are unsure, contact us first.

-Entertainers, event hosts, etc and more
Do you have an idea for something fun and want to participate? Do you want to put on an act, sideshow, or other presentation? Feel free to apply via the application, or contact us first if you wish to run your idea past us.  We have several Entertainment categories this year for anyone interested in participating.

-Cosplay groups and nonprofits are welcome. Any group not intending to sell merchandise or make a profit is welcome to ask for a free spot.

-Do you have a Steampunk themed group that wishes to have a presence at our event? Contact us!

-Food Trucks and Food Vendors (e-mail us first instead of just sending in a form!)

We are NOT looking for:
-Direct Sales Associates
(Origami Owl, Mary Kay, Avon, etc). If you are a direct sales associate who believes your items would appeal to Steampunks feel free to inquire and pitch to us why you feel your items would be welcome at a Steampunk event. We are an event geared towards small business and hand made items and we do not feel most direct sales are a good fit for us.

We retain the right to refuse any vendor who we do not feel is appropriate for our event.


Friday, August 25, 2017

2017 Vendor Sponsor: Old Hat Vintage Clothing

We would like to thank "Old Hat Vintage Clothing" for choosing to pitch in a bit extra and be a sponsor for our event!

"Vintage clothing and accouterments, vests and boots, belts and bags, hats, fur, vintage jewelry, linens, bits and bobs, kitchen gadgets, antiques chosen from the shop aimed toward Steampunk, Renn and Fairy costuming. Sell as Old Hat Vintage Clothing in CannonHill Place Antiques. 111 S. Carroll Street, Frederick, Md. Facebook-Old Hat Vintage Clothing. "

Drop by their booth Saturday and take a peek at their facebook page!…/

2017 Schedule of Events and Activities

We have the schedule of events flyer up! Feel free to download and print your own copy to have with you at the event.

Basic event activities timetable:

8AM: Vendor setup begins
10AM: The Steampunk Farmers Market officially opens
12PM to 1PM Country Conjuring Strolling Magic
1:00PM: Costume Contest at the Pavilion
2PM: Trinket Trade and Curiosity Swap

Mark Twain on the Glen Rock Railroad Experience on York 17
Departing August 26th 11:30AM, 1:00PM or 2:30PM
at Steam Into History: 2 West Main Street New Freedom, PA
11:30AM : $14/Child 3-12 years, $24/Adult
1:00PM and 2:30PM $15/Child 3-12 years, $26/Adult.
There is no shuttle from the event grounds to the train. Please plan accordingly.

All Day Events and Displays

Eli August and the Abandoned Buildings
The Positronic Cats
Capt. Andreas Schutzen, Ordinance Expert
Kids Activities with Macaroni Kid
The Southern York County Fencing Club Demonstrations
S’more Smelters -Novelty s’mores for a donation
Any changes will be updated as they happen!