Vendor and Entertainment Applications

Interested in vending at the 2019 Steampunk Farmers Market?
2019 Vending and Entertainment Applications are Open!  


Please be aware that these forms cover THREE events happening in the same location as the New Faeriedom Festival throughout the New Freedom Farmers Market 2019 season. If you are not interested in vending with The New Faeriedom Festival or the Throwback Bazaar, just disregard their sections of the forms. Thanks!

Also be aware that VENDING registration is a two part process. Part one is the Google Forms application, and upon acceptance Part 2 will be an e-mail with your 'receipt' laying out your chosen options, your total fees, and snail-mail instructions for payment and a signed copy of the receipt form. Thank you! 

We are seeking


All types of steampunk themed vendors
Crafts - Artists - Authors - Clothing - Jewelry - Whimsical - Magic - Fantasy -Etc
Food Vendors 

Even if you are not strictly steampunk, if you feel your wares would appeal to the steampunk crowd you will be welcome.  If you are unsure, contact us first.

Spots for 2019 are :

Outdoor Vending: $20 per 10x10 for your first space
                              $15 per additional 10x10 space

Outdoor vending spaces are somewhat fluid and flexible within limited reason due to the organic nature of the event. A little bit of sprawl beyond your 10x10 area is allowed if you have extra space around your booth. If you need considerably more space than a 10x10 we do request you purchase a spare space otherwise when we plan our 2019 vendor layout you may be put in a location without much sprawl ability.

Music-Shows-Buskers-Activities-Events-, activity hosts, etc

Do you wish to preform in some capacity at The Steampunk Farmers Market?  Do you have an idea for something fun and want to participate? Do you want to put on an act, sideshow, or other presentation? Feel free to apply via the application, or contact us first if you wish to run your idea past us.  We have several Entertainment categories this year for anyone interested in participating.

We have a few basic loose categories for entertainment:

Headliners -bands, major acts, etc. These are the groups we pay to attend our event. Our budget for paid entertainment tends to be fairly small given the nature of our event, so our ability to book paid headliners is limited.

Buskers - Preforming for tips, or just for the fun of it. The event does not pay you. This category can include wandering performers and small stationary shows.

Ticketed Events - We do not pay you, you sell tickets through us or your own media to a show/event/activity.

General Activity - Any event or activity someone wishes to volunteer to host 

Even if you do not fit into these categories and if you are interested in preforming, e-mail us or fill out the Entertainment application form with what you would like to do and we will go from there! If you are an individual or group that would expect payment to preform form us please include a rough quote for your services in the initial e-mail.

We are NOT looking for:

-Direct Sales Associates
(Origami Owl, Mary Kay, Avon, etc). 

We are an event geared towards small business and hand made items and we do not feel most direct sales are a good fit for us.

-General arts and crafts that do not fit a steampunk theme nor would appeal to a steampunk crowd.

We retain the right to refuse any vendor who we do not feel is appropriate for our event.