Thursday, September 1, 2016

Guest Survey and Another Round of Thanks

With everything pretty much wrapped up for the year outside of a bit of backend housekeeping, we have a last round of thanks to extend.

First of all, thank you again to everyone who came out for the event. Without guests to arrive and enjoy the day, the event would not be what it is.

Also a huge thank you to all of our vendors for deciding our event was worth their time to vend at, and extra thanks to everyone who opted into the completely optional Sponsorship options. Your aid and generosity paid for a huge chunk of our event this year. You are directly responsible for the fact we could afford the entertainment we had! So everyone thank our vendor sponsors for their help!

Speaking of sponsors and donors, also thank you to The Comics Closet and Bath Fitter for being our business sponsors this year. They may not have been steampunk vendors but they still helped pay for the event! We will not forget the people who donated to our GoFundMe!  Every bit helps, so thank you to those people as well.

Also, thank you to all of our entertainers for this year. The Positronic Cats and Eli August and The Abandoned Buildings put on great performances for us. A huge thanks to them for their great music, and being flexible with a few last minute schedule shuffles, for judging our costume contest, and assisting in making a couple of announcements.

A thank you to Erick Hershey and his strolling magic for bringing so much fun to the event! Erick has gone above and beyond both of these past two years to entertain and awe our guests. We truly appreciate his enthusiasm to be a part of our show.

Then thank you to Lady Younglove and the Witch Doctor for bringing their Sideshow Extravaganza and their Seance show to the Market! We hope everyone else enjoyed them as much as we did.

Thank you everyone for your participation, support, kind words, and interest in our event. It is everything and everyone combined that makes the Market what it is.

If you enjoyed our market, please fill out our post event survey,  as every bit of feedback helps us plan and adjust for future years.