Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Event Date: August 27th 2016

We are pleased to announce that our event has a firm booked date of August 27th, 2016. A few people may have heard early rumors of the possibility of another date, but we had to do a last minute change when there was a scheduling conflict with the venue.

One bonus to moving the date to August 27th is that it currently coincides with the Rose Fire Co's pit beef and chicken sale. This will help right off the bat with some of the requests we had for more food options at the show since the fire hall shares a parking lot with the event.

We have several things already in the works for our 2016 show! One of these things is that are planning on rolling out some type of fundraising campaign within the next couple of months to help us put together a bigger and better event. This could be a gofundme type campaign, or something as simple as a T-shirt pre-sale. We have not yet decided just what is the best option for us, and when we have anything solid we will make an announcement.

Vendor and entertainment applications will be ready hopefully within the next couple of weeks. The spot fee remains at $10 with updated optional sponsor options.