About and FAQ

What is the Steampunk Farmer's Market? 

The Steampunk Farmers Market is a slightly unusual, and hopefully  unique event gearing up to bring the anachronistic flair and creative ambition of the Steampunk world to New Freedom, PA and the surrounding communities. We aim to support the local communities and small business, support local history by drawing attention to Steam Into History just down the hill from the event, and open the minds of a small town to worlds outside of their own.

The event is being held through the New Freedom Recreation Council, which aims to bring free-to-the-public fun and entertainment to all ages and interested (time)travelers. We are also in association with the New Freedom Farmer's Market, and The Steampunk Farmers Market will run alongside the normal weekly market, thus the origins of our name. So yes, The Steampunk Farmer's Market will be an actual farmer's market with fresh produce, baked goods, and a handful of other local vendors!

All through the season, The New Freedom Farmer's Market puts on small side events of various themes and scales. An event may be as simple as local kids get a free table at the market to sell their wares, or local artists being offered a free table for that weekend. There are larger goings on include  organized fundraiser runs, and events with extra vendors and entertainment events such as Yogis Take the Park  and The Steampunk Farmer's Market.   The latter two are some of the more ambitious events, and the Steampunk Farmer's Market is aiming to be one of the largest!

The 2015 Steampunk Farmer's Market is a one day Steampunk themed event, slated to occur on August 27th, starting at 10AM and running basically until the event naturally comes to a close be it 3:00/3:30PM as the paperwork is marked, or later in the afternoon/evening.

We hope to see you there!

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Q:When and what time is the event? 
A: The fifth Steampunk Farmers Market will take place August 24th 2019. The event will start at 10:00AM with an ending time TBA.

Q: Where is the event? 
A: Address: 150 East Main Street, New Freedom PA, 17349
The event will take place both in the New Freedom Community Center and the tree shaded park just behind it.

Q: Where is parking?
A: On site-parking is somewhat limited. We have the pathed parking area between the New Freedom Community Center and the Rose Fire Hall as well as the gravel parking area behind the community center. Once those are full attendees may need to seek alternate street parking.

Q: How much is it?
A: The Steampunk Farmers Market is currently free entry to the public.

Q: I keep hearing about a farmers market, what is that all about??
A: The New Steampunk Farmers market is run in conjunction with the New Freedom Farmers Market and our regular farmers market vendors will be in attendance There will be fresh produce, baked goods, and other weekly local vendors vending in their usual spots alongside where the Steampunk Farmers Market vendors will be set up. The regular farmers market runs every Saturday 10 to 1 May through October. Come back and see us!

Q:  Can I help? I have an idea!
A: Feel free to pitch it to us! Be careful though, you might just get put in charge of making it happen! Check out the Vending and Entertainment application page.

Q: Are pets allowed?
A: Yes! Feel free to bring your friendly, leashed, well behaved animals along with you.

Q: What happens if the weather is bad?
A: If the weather is abysmal and the event is completely unable to happen outside we may be able to move into the New Freedom Community Center hall. This is completely dependent on if the hall is available or if another entity has rented it for the day, unless some lovely airship pirate wishes to sponsor the $600 rental fee for us to guarantee the indoor space.

Q: Where are the bathrooms?
A: Inside the community center!

Contact us at : SteampunkFarmersMarket@gmail.com