Interested in becoming a Farmhand for the 2017 Steampunk Farmers Market and help the event grow? Revamped 2017 Farmhands Info will be updated before long if we choose to continue this method of fundraising

Tractor Captain ($40, limited to 1)
You are captain of this tractor ship! All these mighty rolling fields before ye are yours to plow and plunder for harvest.

Apiary Engineer ($30, limited to 1)
Second only to the Tractor Captain! 

Battle Pig Rider ($17, limited to 10)
You are the managers of the battlefi--- er farmyard. Wield your power wisely.

Custom Titles ( $20)
What is -your- job title at the Steampunk Farmer's Market?

Cog Harvester ($13)
Wait -- Cogs need harvesting? Whatever. Congrats Farmhand, you have the job title of Cog Harvester.

Octopus Herder ($9)
Too many tentacles, too many directions. Congrats Farmhand, you have the job title of Octopus Herder.

Flytrap Feeder ($8)
Even plants gotta eat! Congrats Farmhand, you have the job title of Flytrap Feeder

Copper Thumb ($7)
You fail at growing things, so you decide to build them instead! 

Black Thumb ($6)
...Aww you killed it. Donate to supply new seeds!

Green Thumb ( $5)
Steampunk farmers everywhere applaud your Green Thumb for helping SPFM2016 grow!

Thank you to everyone who has donated to become a Farmhand!

2015 Farmhands
Ash Litton - Copper Thumb
Jenn Rogers - Clockwork Archivist (custom title)

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